Horn Speaker Electronic Production Kit

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The magical Tesla coil produces high-temperature and high-pressure plasma, which can sing, ignite, wirelessly transmit electricity, light up fluorescent lamps, and have a wonderful electric arc. There are many ways to play, and it is a very interesting small production of scientific experiments.

Board size: 4.0*8.0mm

Power: 15w

Power input: DC 15-24v, current 2A, DC5.5 interface/pin header

Audio input: 3.5 jack, can be connected to mobile phone, mp3, computer audio

Principle description:

The Tesla coil is a transformer (resonant transformer) that operates on the principle of resonance. It was invented by Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla in 1891. It is mainly used to produce ultra-high voltage but low current and high frequency AC power. The Tesla coil consists of two sets (sometimes three sets) coupled resonant circuits. It is difficult to define the Tesla coil, and Nikola Tesla tried a large number of various coil configurations. Tesla uses these coils to carry out innovative experiments, such as electrical lighting, fluorescence spectroscopy, X-rays, high-frequency alternating current phenomena, electrotherapy and wireless power transmission, transmitting and receiving radio electrical signals.

Tesla features:

1. Tesla's arc generation function: After power-on, the tail wire will generate an arc, which is beautiful. The arc can still ignite!

2. Tesla light-on function: After the Tesla coil is powered on, it can light up the fluorescent light in the air!

3. Tesla includes a music playback function: a new-concept loudspeaker that excites the air by an electric arc and turns it into air vibration generated by the plasma! It can play mobile phone/computer music, but the sound is relatively small. It is suitable for watching the magic arc and listening to the music comfortably in the dead of night.

Tesla function parameters: voltage input 15-24V DC, current 2A, heat dissipation is relatively large when working, so the heat sink is relatively hot! When using, be careful not to touch the heat sink with your hands.

The newly developed primary coil of this product no longer needs to be wound outside in the PCB board. It is convenient for hobbyists to install. It has high efficiency and beautiful appearance. It is a new design. There is no such design on the market. This Tesla coil is very It can be used for student experiments, graduation project assignments, etc. Those who don't know the picture and don't know the direction of the resistance color ring and parts are recommended not to buy, and the DIY parts cannot be returned after welding. USB power supply can be used Note: USB power supply is 5V, 5V can not spray arc, but it can be lighted in space


1. This product is safe, the power is not high, and will not be injured by electric shock, but it is not recommended to touch the arc on the top of the coil, which will cause a burning sensation.

2. Please do not touch the heat sink after a long period of power on, the temperature is very high, especially when using 24v high voltage, please add a cooling fan to dissipate heat if necessary, or the working time is too long and it is too hot, please turn it off for a period of time. Electric use.

3. It is recommended that the body or other objects are not close to the coil when the Tesla coil is working, that is, no other objects can be left within half a meter of the coil, because other objects as a good conductor will make the coil form a good loop, absorb the energy of the coil, and make Tes When the coil is pulled, the demonstration effect becomes worse or cannot be demonstrated! Please note;

4. Don't put mobile phones, mp3 and other electronic equipment close to the coil, otherwise the high-frequency magnetic field generated by the coil will interfere, causing the mobile phone, mp3 and other equipment to malfunction or even damage!

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Horn Speaker Electronic Production Kit

FJD $ 14.53 (Tax may apply)

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